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Actual Inmes Matrix (2007)


Our mission has been providing the domestic and international market to achieve the excellence every turn. Developing and supplying highest quality and most technology advanced products to the frame assembly industry. Further, standing out for the social responsibility our acts and for the complete satisfaction of the shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.


Inmes wants to be a worldwide leadership in field of frame assembly industry and related products.


  • Quality
  • Ethics
  • Honor
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Excellence
  • Ambient responsibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Conscientious and hard working employees
  • Customer satisfaction is our number One priority
Our first matrix in 1993

Inmes History

Inmes entered the business in 1993 when three partnerships founded the company under the name of Industry of Special Machines, which afterwards became the initials of the name INMES. The company’s beginnings were modest and began its operation in a small warehouse located downtown Braço do Norte with limited a number of machines and just five employees, and first stared manufacturing hardware and equipments for the picture framing industry, such as wedges and underpinners. Besides the picture framing industry, INMES used to develop and manufacture special machines under demand to several industry segments.

In 1995 the business became under the name of INMES INDUSTRIAL LTDA, soon after the company continued to expand its product range and a new line of machines were developed to a specific line of products, focused on new markets that were arising by that time.

Therefore, the company started a serial manufacturing of machines and accessories for joining and cutting wooden, plastic and aluminum profiles, wedges and portable dust collectors, for use in woodworking industry and picture framing industry and other sectors of the market. The demand to meet our customer’s needs, made the company make significant resources to designing and creating fast, precise and a high quality products.

As a result, we have gained the leadership in the Brazilian market and thanks to the great experience acquired during the years and specific acquaintance of customer’s needs, allowed us to continue growing and increase our penetration of the global market. Inmes is constantly improving its technology and assuring the high level of quality of its products, while still remaining competitive in the international marketplace. Also has built long term relationship with several reliable domestic and international suppliers that believed in Inmes potential.

Inmes differential has been the innovation and creativity when developing products that meet the needs of the picture framing industry demands. The evolving business environment demands us that we continuously improve our products and service to remain growing in this highly competitive marketplace. Our customer’s satisfaction is our first priority.

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